Online Monthly Gatherings & Channeling

            for Moon Portals, Equinoxes, Healing Circles, Galactic Gateways and Multi-Dimensional awakening processes


Individual Spiritual Journeys

           for Healing, Energy Medicine, Guidance, Multi Dimensional Awakening processes and other Spiritual Teachings


Yoga and Other Spiritual Teachings

             for the YM Method Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation practices and Energy Mastery Tools and Teachings



I am Mithila Ka Ra, a highly experienced Yogini, Professional Yoga Teacher, Holistic Spiritual Healer, Light Language and Sound Healing Channel and Energy Medicine Woman. 

I am a Prayer and Portal High Priestess from the Golden Ray Temple of Ra Lineage. Through the use of Sound, Prayer, Mudras and Light Languages I am one of many who are working actively with and guide in the 5th Dimensional Ascension Process of Planet Earth and All Her Beings. I am a Channel and Ascension Guide working with the Galactic Federation of Light and other Spiritual Guides working with the Golden Age Transition.

I enable spiritual healing journeys for individuals and groups, ceremonies for "rights of passage" and other beautiful and important life moments.


Zoom Live Online Channelled Meditation Schedule for 2024


4:4 Gateway, Thursday, April 4th, 1200-1330

Full Moon Meditation, Wednesday, April 24th, 1800-1930


New Moon Meditation, Wednesday, April 8th 1200-1330

Full Moon Meditation, Monday 20th, 1800-1930


6:6 and New Moon Portal , June 6th, 12-1330

Summer solstice and Full Moon Portal, June 20th, 18-1930



Book your ticket/receive Zoom link and payment details for these sessions by sending an e-mail to

Energy Exchange: 110 SEK, 220 SEK or 330 SEK (you choose what you can pay) 



NEW 2024 Galactic Online Video Subscription:


- This annual pre-paid subscription gives you access to:


  • all Galactic Channelled video recordings I make for both scheduled and unscheduled Channelled Meditations and Healing Circles. (Does not include other spontaneous classes for yoga and meditation).
  • Includes a minimum of 2 video recordings per month with the exception of March and July 2024. It is very likely that some months will have more recordings than others. It all evens out. There may be recordings on months where there are no scheduled events anyway. There may be spontaneous live events anyway as well and you will have video access to all of this on this subscription. 
  • This subscription is non-refundable and without exception a pre-paid exchange where video access is granted from January 2024 to January 2025. You can join the subscription at any time this year, the price does not change for when you join as access to all videos for this year will be available to you no matter when you join.
  • You can choose to unsubscribe, but once the payment is made there will be no money back for cancellations of this service.
  • The service is only 2024 SEK for this year. For only 168 SEK per month you have video access to all my channelled work.
  • You will have access to the videos throughout your subscription, so the sessions are there all year and not limited in time and access.
  • If you have this subscription during 2024 then you are also able to attend any live sessions during the year for only 110 SEK per session for Galactic Channelled mediations and Healing Circles only. These can be paid for as pay as you go drop in, or pre-pay invoice and I will keep the tab as usual. PLEASE NOTE: This means you pay extra to attend in person but only 110 SEK per ticket. The video content will be available to you on this subscription even if you miss the live event.




Drop in On the Live Session 


If you wish to attend one of the Live sessions, held as scheduled or held spontaneously via the SMS list booking system: 


  • pay as you go on a drop in basis with the energy exchange of pay what you can on the scale of 110 SEK, 220 SEK or 330 SEK per session per person.
  • The scale of payment is there to help those who are struggling financially and/or those who wish to attend many sessions to make it more affordable to do so.
  • You can attend individual sessions live in person on this drop in basis as well as receive the recording for 30 days.






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