Your Way

Your Way

Publicerad 27 july, 2020

We all have a way with something. You yourself may have a way with sewing, a way with cooking, a way with words, a way with drawing, composing, numbers, building, crocheting, dancing, gardening, reading auras, healing, nursing, crafting, and all the other many creative expressions thought of and unthought of yet. There are so many ways in which we express our unique talents in this world. We all have a way. When I engage the unique creativity in me, I awaken to life.


In my own spiritual seeking I have come to experience that our way with something is part and parcel of our holistic health and wellness. It is quite literally the Way for us to walk towards greater happiness, joy and fulfillment in this life. Nothing appears to connect me as deeply, personally and awe-inspiringly to something higher and greater than myself as when I am on my Way. 


Feel into this. Do you spend the majority of your daily life being in contact with the thing that is your unique way of expressing yourself, whether it be in poetry or pottery? Do you spend the majority of your daily life, living in a way that supports your preferred way of life? Your best life? It is a luxury to ask oneself these questions and it is also a necessity. 

How can I serve through my gifts?


You know it is Your Way because you love IT. IT touches something deep inside of you and you are moved to the core by IT. You find great joy and fulfillment in it. You have the interest and ability to do it. How can you stay in tune with the inspiration that moves you to be this way? It stirs a deep knowing in you like nothing else - even if you just think about IT. Actually when you think about IT, there is no way you could live without it. Daily does it. Spend time on what you believe in, daily. Just 15 minutes a day can go a long, long, long way. 

No one on the outside can judge what is your way. It is between you and your greater good. You know when you are in connection with it and working on it and expressing from it. What keeps you happy from deep within helps everyone to recover a sense of happiness. Your well-being matters.


The Way will make you bare all and bear more. It is what makes you vulnerable and raw, yet stronger than ever before. The way turns us inside out and when we have found what is on the inside we present it out to the world. Walk it with faith that it will lead you where you need to go.


I mean, what other way is there to live? The authenticity of it alone ripples out wide. Our daily creative connections help us go deeper, stretch the barriers of our talents, make us more authentic to ourselves and greater channels for the life-force around us - Giving Way to a happier Way of Living in this world.

If you are struggling to uncover what your way is, I recommend presence practices to help connect with yourself on a deeper intutive level. Presence practices are an excellent complement to our natural creative talents. Presence practices can help us uncover, develop, and also discover new ways of being as we evolve in and through life. For a sample of presence practices welcome to test my free 21 days of daily practice of movement, better breathing and simply sitting in my program Daily Does It 365. Also check out the Simply Sitting Free Program on how to start and successfully continue a daily seated meditation practice. The link will take you to my yoga school where you can easily access these free programs. 


BE on your way! God bless, with love, Mithila