Conversations with Creativity - Make Space for your Self

Conversations with Creativity - Make Space for your Self

Publicerad 6 september, 2020

How much space have you given your creativity?


This needs a physical place. A place that you designate for your creative pursuits so that all you need is ready and waiting for your care. Make it easy to reach, reach every day, with ease. Space, a place, is easy to find.

It is a corner of a desk, or a square meter on the floor, or a shelf on the wall or in a bookcase, or a case that moves around with you that contains the tools you need to inspire your daily attention to your heART.


Perhaps all you do is nothing but hold the tools or sit in the space you have created for a few minutes a day. Doing nothing, just being, breathing and waiting, employing yourself for just those few minutes paying attention to the space you made for you to be in, be with, your closest you. Emptying yourself. Opening yourself to the creative current. 


Sooner than you think a shift will happen. Ideas arrive, energy bubbles, and lightness of heart, a quickening of spirit and you are in connection, sooner than later, with your intent. The joy, the satisfaction of this feeling inside you is the purpose of showing up at your daily creative place.