Staycation - Local Luxury Sourdough Bakery

Staycation - Local Luxury Sourdough Bakery

Publicerad 22 june, 2020



In my hoods there is a delightful new sourdough bakery using heritage grain flours and delectable baking techniques to produce some of the most delicious creations a country stay-cationer could ever need. Allow me to introduce you to Ave Kultur. Here is one of the reasons just being at home feels like a luxury country holiday. In the words of the bakers themselves…


Bake with sourdough

“We believe in organic and trying to use only organic ingredients in our bread and cakes. In our bread we only use sourdough, never yeast. We think it's important that the dough needs to rest during a longer time (at least 12 hours), because then the flour capsules can "blossom" and produce more nutrition for the bread. If the dough does not get the time to rest, the capsule cannot develop itself and will get closed and you will lose good nutrients. We also believe in handmade crafts and therefore use flour from a nearby mill called Limabacka Kvarn.”


About AVE Kultur

"We are Emelie Victorin and Andrée Victorin, two sourdough bread bakers with totally different backgrounds and a huge common interest in food. Spending lots of time together we have re-evaluated our approach to food and bread. After reading lots of books, articles and watching documentaries we started to understand how important it is to choose the "right" products when we are in the food-store. We started to buy local and organic products, as well as products that have long durability. We realise how important it is to support the local producers that grow vegetables or breed cows with the same criteria as we have regarding food quality, not only because it is good for you and the animals, it is also good for the environment. If the environment gets better by these choices, as well as you and the animals, why choose something else? 
With these thoughts and with an eye on the future, our small company AVE Kultur took form.”



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