2020 Perspective

2020 Perspective

Publicerad 29 december, 2020


2020 has been a unique experience for many of us. We have lived through a collective understanding of how deeply inter-connected our lives are on planet Earth. How inter-dependent and unified we truly are. Yoga in action. By keeping apart, staying separated, holding distance, kindly and consciously we have acted as one unified whole. Have we ever been more together?


The end of the year is here and I am reflecting on how my life improved during 2020. 


Here is my list. 

  • I saved on travel time, energy and costs 
  • I spent lots of time reading and re-reading books (see blog link for book list…)
  • I wrote and received letters by hand, posting them with snail mail to connect with loved ones (see blog link) 
  • I discovered that I could teach classes Live but Online and that it works rather well
  • I felt even greater appreciation for how and where and with whom I live and work

What is on yours?


Stay open to this New Year. 


Big love,