Publicerad 1 may, 2021

I have been pondering spontaneity. What words would you use to describe the feeling of being spontaneous? What images would bring spontaneity to mind? 


I found it difficult to pin down words or images. Yet is that not the point of it? 


That it cannot be pinned down? 


It is unknown until it is known. It is spur of the moment. It is free. 


I find it is greatly akin to intuition and just like intuition the spontaneous being is a clear expression of the spiritual growth experience.


Spontaneity conjures a care-freeness, a fun loving-ness, endless possibilities. Paradoxically the natural expression of it is something (at least in adults) that is released through discipline & devotion to getting free of one's own inner prisons. 


I for one wish to live with greater spontaneity every day. To challenge the tethers to time that perhaps unconsciously create hindrances to my natural unique energy flow from hour to hour. My daily practice (sadhana) has led me to a time in life where I feel every day like a slow summer Sunday. In that feeling, many things are born, held, manifested and let go of. 

It is exquisitely delicious being.


What is spontaneity to you?


On my yoga website you now find my spontaneous yoga classes, a personal result of my pondering on lifestyles and energies and new directions of living. 


Check out these Merriam Webster definitions:


spon· ta· ne· ous |   spän-ˈtā-nÄ“-É™s   

Definition of spontaneous


1: proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint

2: arising from a momentary impulse

3: controlled and directed internally : SELF-ACTING spontaneous movement characteristic of living things

4: produced without being planted or without human labor : INDIGENOUS

5: developing or occurring without apparent external influence, force, cause, or treatment

6: not apparently contrived or manipulated : NATURAL