Golden Age

Golden Age

Publicerad 24 april, 2021

In 2020, my plans changed, without my will, radically. I know I am not alone in that but the reason my plans changed were not due to the world health situation. However, the change of plans that happened was well supported by the Pandemic. I had to once again open to a greater will.


In the beginning I was stressed by it. The change was so radical that even my long term training in letting go, following intuition and flowing with what is got challenged. The contrast was so great.

In other words I was wishing to be elsewhere than where I was. When I worked on accepting the changes and flowing with the radical new direction life was presenting me with I eased into a new reality. A new time. I was on the terrace one April, 2020, day breathing in the fresh air and taking a moment to calibrate my new astounding experiences. Then I heard....


All is done

All is solved

All is healed

All is gold


It felt like words of a future that already existed but that we had not yet stepped into. That we are stepping into. 

I call this little poem that was gifted me in a 'download' - the Golden Age.