Standing in Your Power

Standing in Your Power

Publicerad 13 january, 2022

This year we started with a dear gathering for a New Year intention setting New Moon Meditation. One of the most important messages brought to us that day through the Galactic Guides that I channel was one of empowerment. To understand and accept our own higher power. Our ability to create, heal, help, provide, attract, manifest, transform and transmute through our very being in existence. Whoa! So powerful. And Yes we CAN do this. We truly can and we DO all the time. It is life and it is living. The more consciously we can do this the more powerfully we direct our life currents towards our desired life experience. 

Even though it is not a new message in yogic practice circles or in personal development circles for that matter - the deepening of our understanding of who we really are is always worth repetition, remembering and sinking into embodiment. 

So - to our spiritual empowerment success story 2022!

To faith, trust, willingness to receive and stand in our innate power and to move through confusion, fear and uncertainty with grace!

I have new monthly events on the YogaMonks website schedule to assist those of you who wish to spend more time with me, to partake in my energy and joy for the empowerment of you and your spiritual journey. 

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With love to you and well wishes for your bright, creative, evolving new life story for 2022,