The Foundation Course 2023

Level 1 the Foundation Course Module 


Align, Ground and Surround 

Apr-Jun 2023


Level 1 the Foundation Course Module (pre-requisite)

Align, Ground and Surround 



LGF:  April 2nd, Sunday, 4-6 pm

LGF:  April 17th, Monday, 6-8 pm

  • Learn to activate energetic Alignment, Grounding and Energy Boundaries/Spiritual Shields for your personal practice, daily life and for advanced energy work / spiritual work and multi-dimensional journeys¨




LGF:  May 7th, Sunday, 4-6 pm

LGF:  May 15th, Monday, 6-8 pm

  • Energy Management tips for home, spiritual hygiene and when out and about in the world





LGF:  June 5th, Monday, 6-8 pm

LGF:  June 18th, Sunday, 4-6 pm

  • Transmuting Energy into the Violet Flame and other energy clearing techniques will also be covered.