December Sessions

The video from our recent class is online since a few days ago.

Here is a summary of our talks and practices so far.

As with everything - work with what resonates in the now moment of your exercise. 


1) Take the top relationship on your list and apply one or more of the following techniques to get deeper into what is bothering you with the situation. These techniques are to help us get behind the scenes of what is affecting our energy field in relation to others. Depending on what we find we might be able to change the patterns with the techniques below or we might need other methods to heal the underlying patterns we discover about ourselves. The underlying patterns can be caused by conditioning and karmic experiences of this life but also of past patterning in previous lives and soul blocks that we are here to transgress and master in this life. Most things are not what they seem on the surface.

Going deeper/behind the scenes is key to energy mastery of self and in living the life your heart desires in your relationships. As we change and other people change, this is a dynamic process that may need to be visited many times over a lifetime and we can relax into that what is surfacing now for our attention is actually what matters right now.

When one aspect becomes clearer in one relationship often this has a positive ripple affect on other relationships and we might find that number 2 and 3 on your list of relationships might even fall away having addressed the primary one right now. Yes, this can happen. The energy freed by these processes can also provide much needed strength to handle the really tough situations we sometimes have to face in life. I wish you all the best in your explorations and look forward to hearing from you whenever you have something you wish to share.  


- What is the story - write down/ hear the story you are saying about the relationship and adapt the story to yourself, are you being triggered about something about yourself that you need to pay attention to? Depending on yes or no, continue to process the situation with the view that it is not about them but about you in some way and find out what it is about you in this situation that you need to become aware of. Stay open and explore what you find with as little judgement as you can on whether it is "good" or "bad". See the energy behind it rather than the story on the surface.


- Change the story - Take the story and immediately reverse it and start a new story. Ex. I am not patient with this person. becomes I AM patient, I have patience, I am able to act with patience towards ..... In any situation with .....I have patience. Or ".... is kind and loving to me" or "..... is able to hear me clearly".

You can also make positive affirmations about the other person to replace a story you are saying about the other person and what you need or lack from the relationship. This can also truly work wonders. Here you are not "healing or fixing" the other person but you are healing your perception of them and this can give alignment and clarity as to what is deeper in the relationship and what you really need to see about yourself in the situation.


- Become what you want - Start to examine your own behaviour towards others with the "story" you are telling in mind. Can you become more of what you want from others towards yourself and towards other people? If you want someone to listen you can observe if you are listening enough to yourself, or if you are listening enough to others and start adding more of that into your own life towards yourself and towards another person to see how that feels and/or changes the nature of the story you are saying about the relationship that is affecting your energy negatively.


The same exercises can be done with well working relationships to understand what you appreciate and enjoy with relationships that work really well and to understand why that is and the energy behind it.


4) The Mary Magdalene Rose Temple Meditation and the Mirror technique (Louise Hay) is about self love and the all important relationship to self. To practice saying high vibrational words to yourself looking at yourself and in the eyes, in the mirror is the mirror technique. This can give you a sense of where you are at with yourself in different areas of life, depending on what you phrase . The response from your own being guides you further.

Start with yourself in these two techniques and gradually we will be adding other relationships to the Magdalene Rose Temple. Take notes on your subtle energy experiences and reoccurring patterns of the meditations over time (3-6 months). 


Any recurring patterns or experiences that you need my help with - do send them via email so I can respond in person or where relevant in the group sessions.


5) If you test the above practices over the next 3-6 months and the above techniques don't "work" for you right now, stay open as there are MANY more techniques for relationship energy mastery.

We will be covering quite a few more and there are also many more out there beyond our course.


Happy Holidays and until soon,