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Hatha Yoga - what are you?

26 February, 2021

“I have lived in my body this long, yet how well did I really know her many folds, her many crevices?’’

The merging of breath and posture (either dynamic or still / held postures), through specific energetic channels of the Bodies is the very art and science of Hatha Yoga. Read more

Right to Rest

18 February, 2021

An assertive poem on resting and the right to rest came to me during December 2020. Resting is not always not doing anything or sleep or taking time off from everyday activities. Resting is also being a person who allows oneself the right to rest. A knowing that resting is a part of holistic well-being and natural living. Resting is a state of relaxation in the soul. Read more


14 February, 2021

In Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, Henry says to Catherine, ''The mere habit of learning to love is the thing..." Read more

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…shares from her multi-coloured experiences as a south-asian, 3rd culture kid, expat, double-degree university grad, multi-lingual, ex-corporate IT consultant. A self-employed creative director of a school of yoga she started in Sweden in 2007, today she is venturing into writing and art.

Mithila spends all her time on intuitive, creative living - on the art of living well.

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