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Moments in Meditation

9 August, 2020

  It was on March 12- 2019, when I was sitting on my meditation hill, I opened my eyes just after my practice and saw the light lotuses dancing on the water surface of the reservoir. This poem was the result of being moved by this natural expression.    Read more

Your Way

27 July, 2020

In my own spiritual seeking I have come to experience that our way with something is part and parcel of our holistic health and wellness. It is quite literally the Way for us to walk towards greater happiness, joy and fulfillment in this life. Nothing appears to connect me as deeply, personally and awe-inspiringly to something higher and greater than myself as when I am on my Way. Read more

Moments in Meditation

20 July, 2020

  This little jingle of words came to me in 2019, June 10th. I myself had to examine its meaning closely to understand how the spiritual translates into the worldly and material reality. … Read more

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…shares from her multi-coloured experiences as a south-asian, 3rd culture kid, expat, double-degree university grad, multi-lingual, ex-corporate IT consultant. A self-employed creative director of a school of yoga she started in Sweden in 2007, today she is venturing into writing and art.

Mithila spends all her time on intuitive, creative living - on the art of living well.

Welcome to her world of holistic health and lifestyle inspiration and practical application through activities and tools you can choose to use to enhance your own creative FREE spirit and DAILY well-being.