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21 days Light of Life

30 November, 2021

It is that time of year, the holy day seasons of so many peoples and spiritual traditions, where LIGHT is in the heart of our minds. I am inviting anyone who wishes to join me on a 24 day Light Upgrade Calendar starting December 1st. Read more

Heaven is Earth

13 September, 2021

3 pictures I took on a beautiful day at the Arken Hotel in Gothenburg inspired this poem. I wanted a caption for the pictures for my instagram posts and I was thinking to look up things on Heaven and Earth. Find something to quote. Then I thought to myself, why not write something myself. Here it is. Read more

Confessions of an Artist - Perspectives

10 July, 2021

Sometimes we think too small. Sometimes our talents and joy lie on a much larger scale than where we have been focusing, literally.
May we see the big picture when we are stuck in the small issues and may we love the details that create the tapestry that becomes our experience of the whole. Read more

a yogini, writer and artist…

…shares from her multi-coloured experiences as a south-asian, 3rd culture kid, expat, double-degree university grad, multi-lingual, ex-corporate IT consultant. A self-employed creative director of a school of yoga she started in Sweden in 2007, today she is venturing into writing and art.

Mithila spends all her time on intuitive, creative living - on the art of living well.

Welcome to her world of holistic health and lifestyle inspiration and practical application through activities and tools you can choose to use to enhance your own creative FREE spirit and DAILY well-being.