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Favourite Facials

5 February, 2021

So simple and even edible ( but don’t eat the clay!! )..Combined with a warm salty bath for both relaxation and purification of the body, mind and aura it is a real treat of a time. Read more

Yoga, who are You?

28 January, 2021

“The spiritual subject of YOGA is a massive tree with many branches and deep and ancient roots in the soil of India... Read more

Meditation on Hibernation

29 December, 2020

This poem came to me during some intense spiritual energy work I was in the midst of during December. It fit the season as well as my sentiment at the time as well as perhaps even the time we are in. Read more

a yogini, writer and artist…

…shares from her multi-coloured experiences as a south-asian, 3rd culture kid, expat, double-degree university grad, multi-lingual, ex-corporate IT consultant. A self-employed creative director of a school of yoga she started in Sweden in 2007, today she is venturing into writing and art.

Mithila spends all her time on intuitive, creative living - on the art of living well.

Welcome to her world of holistic health and lifestyle inspiration and practical application through activities and tools you can choose to use to enhance your own creative FREE spirit and DAILY well-being.