Energy Works - it is simpler than you think

Energy Works - it is simpler than you think

Publicerad 9 july, 2020

When it comes to energy, health and lifestyle (for definitions see my previous blog post), I feel we sometimes make things too complicated. In our desire to know what might be the 'cause' for our energy rising or falling we are quick to judge ourselves harshly or try and make big shifts in our lives.

We are multi-dimensional, vibrational beings with many bodies. The ones most of us are most familiar with are our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Even these 3 merging and moving within and with the outside world create weaves and waves of vibrational beingness that transforms energy from one state to another, all day long. In my journey of becoming more aware of the complex layerings of matter and spirit in interaction with lifestyle, I have had great results with some very simple self-care techniques. Things we may easily overlook as having any impact on how we feel but in fact have huge affect immediately and over time. Also they are incredibly simple, requiring no great effort or hours of practice to get the benefit of.

All it takes is some awareness and openess to test and sense what it can do for you.

Naturally we prefer to feel energised and often we are unaware of or discount how daily interactions, environment and habits affect our personal energy field. These unconcious habits then accumulate to our overall experience of ourselves over time. This list of habits to improve your daily energy are VERY simple. In the process of uncovering our potential energy, can we stay open to simple, practical solutions to know ourselves better and fuel our best life?


Energy definition from google that is relevant to the subject of energy in this article… 

noun: energy 

  1. the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity."changes in the levels of vitamins can affect energy and well-being"
  • a person's physical and mental powers.plural noun: energies
    "an alternative is to devote your energies to voluntary work

If your energy is dipping and you cannot quite figure out why, try these quick fixes at any time of day and see how it can simply transform you from weary to wonderful.

If you are on medication and/or have an illness, some of the tips might not be appropriate for your condition. Choose the ones that are and test them to see if any change can be felt over time and repetition. 

First of all - have you had enough hydration, food and sleep for the activity levels that you are in right now? If not - then first make sure you do. Often times feeling weak, confused, scattered, low and worn-out can be as simple as not having had enough water, nutrients, fresh air or sleep. If, on the other hand, you have been very ''in-active'' then potentially adding some physical exercise of your preference and/or mental training/activation through study, reading applying your mind could be the simple solution to your energy shifting for the better. More tips on this in future blog posts...but now...



...these simple ways to clear and uplift your daily energy.


  1. Brush your teeth at any time of day (not only, but especially after meals or a long conversation or meeting where you have been speaking a lot) for a quick pick up of energy.


  1. Take a quick shower/body wash and change your clothes if possible.


  1. If you cannot take a shower simply wash your face and hands.
  1. If you cannot take a shower keep a change of fresh clothes for a re-boot in the middle of your day. If you are at home take a quick shower and change of clothes. See below for more details.
  1. If you have been indoors a lot then get outdoors and preferably into nature to refresh your energy. If it’s hard to fit in around your work/daily activities, then take your work outdoors whenever possible. Walk and talk on that call, take your meetings outdoors, sit in the fresh air with a notepad when brainstorming new ideas for work. Find ways to make it fit your normal schedule by taking some tasks outdoors when possible. 


  1. If you have been speaking a lot you can easily re-balance your energy by keeping some silence for awhile as this will conserve and re-boot your batteries 


Energy gathers in things and around our personal energy field and it can be hard to know what you have picked up from your interaction with others and in different environments and what is your own energy. Keeping ourselves, our homes and our clothes fresh is a simple way to help our energy field be easier to read and clear to ourselves. 


7. Always take a shower/body wash before going to bed to sleep at night and keep your bedroom free of all urban/electronic/work related stuff/clothes etc…

8. Air your work/out-of-home clothes daily if using more than once, and/or store them separately from your fresh garments and especially from the sleeping areas of your home.


The accumulation of one or more of the above habits can over time make a significant shift in your energy field. So simple but so powerful. Examine the list and relate to your own life and observe if there are any items on the list that you are not already applying. Let me know if any of the above help you in gaining some mastery over your daily energy immediately or over time and repetition. 

Even as I write this I feel how my energy is dropping. I had just done some exercise and then had a light meal. I was digesting the meal whilst writing and I can feel how my skin feels less fresh and my concentration is sagging. It is definitely time for me to take a shower, brush my teeth and change my clothes and I know from experience that this will give me a fresh start and keep me focused and joyful for another few hours of activities later this afternoon and evening.


Cover photo: @eliska.vaea