Letters by Hand

Letters by Hand

Publicerad 29 december, 2020

This year for many reasons I returned to letter writing. By hand. Sometimes on fun or beautiful cards, sometimes just plain note paper and envelopes. I took time to compose these correspondences to my loved ones near and far so that they could receive something in the mail box while being so much at home. It was a treat to do and a delight to receive the returned gift of time and texture of letters when we could no longer meet, hug or kiss.


I will cherish them and continue this new pen pal tradition into 2021. I highly recommend it. 


Besides, a writer must write. I wrote so prolifically that my beloved was moved to get me these gorgeous notecards as a gift for Christmas. Lucky me and lucky friends of mine who will receive them in 2021! 


Above and below William Morris correspondence cards from Farmhouse Life Shop. Photos from Claire's Instagram.